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Education was always one of Krishnamurti's chief concerns. He felt that if only the young and the old could be awakened to their conditioning - of nationality, religion, prejudices, fears, and desires - they might bring to their lives a totally different quality with a much deeper understanding of the forces that give rise to conflict.

Krishnamurti with childrenIn establishing the nine schools he founded in India, England, and the United States, Krishnamurti envisioned that education should emphasize the integral cultivation of the mind and the heart, not mere academic intelligence. Krishnamurti said, "Surely a school is a place where one learns about the totality, the wholeness of life. Academic excellence is absolutely necessary, but a school includes much more than that. It is a place where both the teacher and the taught explore not only the outer world, the world of knowledge, but also their own thinking, their behavior." From this they begin to discover their own conditioning and how it distorts their thinking. Freedom from conditioning and its misery begins with this awareness. For decades he engaged in dialogues with teachers and students to emphasize the understanding that it is only in such freedom that true learning can take place. These exchanges are preserved as video and audio recordings which are slowly deteriorating. Digitization is an essential step for preservation, as well as providing access for numerous people interested in the transformative potential of a holistic education. Visit the Krishnamurti Archive section to find out more about our Complete Teachings Digitization Project.

The youth education environment as potential for transformative change continues to be a primary interest around the globe, as countries face the need for less fragmented and divisive leadership. Schools that put a high priority on diversity, global stewardship, and an understanding of how to explore will be increasingly valued. In the field of education we are beginning to see the emergence of a different kind of process of understanding around notions such as development, progress, knowledge, intelligence, wisdom, family/community, cultural production, social and economic diversity, freedom, social justice, happiness, health, technology, ecology, dissent, etc. The Oak Grove School of the Krishnamurti Foundation of America has the potential to take a leadership role in America, both as a small school model incorporating the principles of diversity, sustainability, and environmental stewardship in its core curriculum; and as a model of a holistic educational environment in which relationship is the pivotal dynamic for learning.

Oak Grove School
Located in Ojai, California, Oak Grove School was founded by Krishnamurti in 1975 and today numbers over 200 students, pre-K through grade 12. In addition to operating the Oak Grove School (pre-K through grade 12), the KFA is committed to sharing its approach to education on a broader level. You can learn more about Oak Grove School at www.oakgroveschool.org.

Oak Grove School Oak Grove School Oak Grove School Oak Grove School