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It's helpful to know who's who at the KFA. Staff can answer questions, explore issues, and love to get feedback.


Executive Director

Jaap Sluijter, as head of the KFA, is responsible for the day to day running of the organization, fundraising, increasing effective communication within the Foundation itself and in association with the Oak Grove School, enhancing working team relationships with all staff, outreach to the public, and helping to develop ways to bring Krishnamurti’s teachings to as many people as possible. Jaap will be working closely with the trustees as the board continues to examine its makeup and purpose, development of programs, and fostering closer relationships with all the Krishnamurti foundations worldwide.

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Jaap Sluijter
Fund Development

This department has a key role in both generating support for the KFA and its programs, and in relationship building for the KFA. They create the Foundation Focus newsletter (twice yearly), the monthly e-Newsletter, and the various appeals and special reports. As well, the Fund Development department manages a series of public presentations designed to introduce new people to Krishnamurti and the work of the KFA, and provides mentorship for start up or continuing operations of independent dialogue and study groups. This work is managed by Melissa Navarro.

Donations are key to the KFA continuing to share Krishnamurti's work around the world. The KFA operates at a significant deficit each year, in order to keep momentum on its core projects, such as digitization of the teachings. If you have a question about programs, donating, or regional presentations, you can click here or contact Melissa (see link below).

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Melissa Navarro
Pepper Tree Retreat

Julien Griffault manages the Pepper Tree Retreat, housed in the former residence of Krishnamurti when he was in Ojai. Julien is the person to reach if you have questions about the facilities, or to book a room. Click here to find out more about the retreat.

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Julien Griffault
Krishnamurti Library

Michael Krohnen coordinates the Krishnamurti Library, which was moved in early 2009 to Pine Cottage, the former home of Krishnamurti. To review the hours for access to the library, click here.

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Michael Krohnen
Oak Grove School

This is the KFA's largest "project" and represents more than half its annual budget. The school was founded in 1975 by Krishnamurti himself, who regarded education as one of the most critical areas for transformation in the world. Currently the school is administered by Head of School Willem Zwart, who works closely with both the board of trustees of the KFA, and a school board which includes parents and local residents. You can access the school's website at www.oakgroveschool.com.

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Willem Zwart
Publications / Archives

Cory Fisher is the director of K Publications in the U.S. K Publications visits many book fairs around the world, including the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Beijing Book Fair, Expo America, and more. Cory is part of the team that negotiates new contracts with foreign and domestic publishers, facilitating increased availability of Krishnamurti's works in various languages and areas around the world.

Cory is also the administrator of the Krishnamurti Archives. The archives exist to preserve the record of Krishnamurti’s teachings and to give scholars and others doing research access to original documents. Cory works closely with the Krishnamurti foundations in the U.K. and India. All three foundations have collaborative projects to do with completing a digital archive of all the materials they hold, and complex database tracking for such a huge collection.

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Cory Fisher

If you have any questions regarding the KFA Online Store and its content, please feel free to contact our Sales Manager, Mel Steckel. The store offers a large selection of books, CDs, MP3s, and DVDs. You can place an order online at krishnamurtibookstore.com or over the phone at 805.646.2726.


 Claire Wade-Hak

Residential Student Program

Holly Johnson is the coordinator of the Residential Student Program. This year-long work study program offers young adults an opportunity to engage with Krishnamurti's teachings in a communal setting. Students participate in several educational programs throughout the year. Working and living together provides an environment ripe for exploring the questions one faces in daily life. Details and application are available here.


 Gopal Krishnamurthy
Teacher Education Program

Krishnamurti devoted years and many talks to explore the ways education both conditions the individual, and its potential to nourish the whole human being beyond the limits of codified knowledge. The Teacher Education Program was started as a way to share Krishnamurti's work on education AND to share the practical implementation of a "revolutionary" education. Gopal Krishnamurthy is the coordinator of the Teacher Education Program, a residential intensive for educators. Participants come from all over the world. For more information you can click here.

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Gopal Krishnamurthy

If you have comments or suggestions about our website, contact Eric Williamson.

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Mailing List

Denny Gottschalk is the database manager. If you have questions about receiving mail or emails, he's the person to contact. Denny also tracks gifts through our database and can answer questions about donations.

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General KFA Contact Information

Krishnamurti Foundation of America
P.O. Box 1560
Ojai, CA 93024
Ph 805-646-2726

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