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Spring Study Intensive: Perception, Energy and the Emergence of Intelligence
April 2-9, 2017

Program Description:

Truly a journey of self-discovery

The study intensive program uses the dialogical approach to engage with fundamental questions about life.  

Which brings about the question, what is dialogue? Central to dialogue is listening.

It is not a space for debate or presenting a particular point of view. To position oneself for debate, or to hold a specific point of view above others, is to create conflict. Instead, dialogue creates space; it is an examination of everything that comes forward, a constant willingness to go deeper into ideas as they arise, without a guiding authority.

This practice brings about an awareness, which helps us to gain insight into the nature of the thought process itself.  We become aware of our own conditioning, cultivated by our individual backgrounds. Through listening and becoming aware of this, there is a sense of pushing past these thought barriers that each individual carries, and sharing with one another.

And so we are listening to one another. In listening there is no resistance; there is no separation. Thus, listening lays the groundwork for a new relationship to others.  By meeting with each other in dialogue for an entire week, we foster this quality of listening, which opens the possibility of working together without resistance. 

One of the central assumptions we tend to operate under is that we each have an individual consciousness.  Krishnamurti has suggested that there is no such thing as individual consciousness, but rather that all consciousness is collective.  This is a core insight that can emerge in dialogue, and can have a revolutionary impact on our lives. This crucial insight, which sees the separate individual as false, also gives a clear perception into the predominance of thought in our lives.

When this keen awareness of the limitations of the thought is brought about, the process makes room for the awakening of intelligence.   When we realize that the concept of the individual is fallacious, we begin to see the limitations of the known.  It is the openness to the unknown that allows a person to explore deeper into the process of living and to better observe, listen, and live life with affection and love.  The unknown gives us a glimpse of the immensity of life itself, often hidden from view. 

So let us explore together the questions with which humanity has been struggling with fresh eyes.  Society has been preoccupied with bringing about change outwardly. Let us look together at the necessity for the inner transformation of man.

Areas of exploration that our program covers

  • Can a new penetrating intelligence be born in the mind
  • What is the source of all psychological suffering
  • Why we experience a sense of limitation in our lives
  • Our unexamined beliefs
  • The illusion of separation
  • Our psychological need for security
  • Is thought the only means of accessing wisdom in our lives
  • The true nature of a creative mind
  • What it really means to be free
  • Stepping out of psychological time
  • What is the essence of true meditation
  • Can we bring supreme clarity to our thinking
  • Discovering for ourselves unknown dimensions of awareness


Krishnamurti Study Intensive & Retreat Program