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Why Donate?

The Krishnamurti Foundation of America is committed to creating opportunities to inquire into the root of the complex problems of our world. The Krishnamurti Educational Center and the Oak Grove School provide spaces for awareness, questioning and understanding. It is only with your support that this important work is possible.
Krishnamurti Foundation
of America
Oak Grove School
  • Books published in over 40 languages
  • Krishnamurti’s works freely available online
  • Preservation & transcription of new material
  • Programs for immersive study at our Educational Center
  • Opportunities to live, study & work in community
  • Personal & group retreat spaces in the beauty of nature
  • Introducing the teachings to international audiences
  • Inquiry-based education for students aged 3-19
  • Outdoor, regional & international travel programs
  • Textile, digital, performing & fine arts programs
  • Rigorous academics integrated with self-reflection
  • Substantial financial aid program
  • A campus-wide emphasis on community service, social justice & relationship with nature