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1st Public Discussion, Brockwood Park
August 30, 1977
Is there such a thing as love?

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Freedom, Love and Action

Book: Freedom, Love and Action

In these dialogues and reflections, chosen for their particular intensity and clarity, Krishnamurti points to a state of total awareness beyond mental process. With his characteristic engagement and candor, he addresses such topics as freedom from the

Mirror of Relationship: Sex, Love & Chastity

Book: Mirror of Relationship: Sex, Love & Chastity

This book features excerpts on the title’s theme from Krishnamurti’s talks and discussions held between 1933 and 1967. They have proven helpful in dialogues and for use in high school and college classrooms. There are talks on marriage, love, relat

On Love and Loneliness

Book: On Love and Loneliness

This theme book examines a particularly important subject in Krishnamurti's teaching through excerpts from his talks and dialogues.

Krishnamurti distinguishes between love and sex, pleasure, attachment, and dependency. He suggests that true alo

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