Facing the crisis with a new mind and heart

Public Talk 1

How is the mind to act without the past?

Public Talk 1 New Delhi
November 12, 1969

Is it possible to throw away immediately all conditioning? As the crisis is so extraordinary, you must have a new mind and heart, with the quality of freshness and innocence. Facing the crisis, what will you do? The crisis is in the present, never in the future or the past. The verb ‘to be’ has conditioned us. Can the mind be aware of itself and perceive the truth of this? What is the new quality of the mind and heart that responds immediately, not in terms of the past or future?


Public Talk 2

Observing with great energy

Public Talk 2 New Delhi
November 16, 1969

We need energy to do anything, and most of our life is a wastage of energy. You need an abundance of energy to bring about a psychological revolution within oneself. One has to discover, observe the wastage of energy within oneself. Thought gives continuity to pleasure. Love always goes together with death. To love you must die to the past because love is not memory. Have you ever observed yourself? You can only observe when the past, the ‘me’, the observer is not. Questions from the audience followed the talk.


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