Can the human mind mutate?

Students Talk 1

The world is on fire, what is one to do?

Students Talk 1 Rajghat
November 23, 1969

There is deep unrest right throughout the world. Seeing this, what is one to do? Question everything. Can the human mind change, mutate, be free from its conditioning? Are you willing to learn, not be told what to do? A different way of learning. Questions from the audience followed the talk.


Students Talk 2

Knowledge and love

Students Talk 2 Rajghat
November 26, 1969

What are the borders of knowledge? Where does the knowledge end and the unknown begin? What is knowledge? Can you ever say you know yourself? Must all relationship between human beings be based on knowledge? Can I dissolve the borders of the known? If my relationship with you is based on previous knowledge about you, is that relationship? What love is can perhaps be found through what it is not. Through negation, one discovers what is positive. What is pleasure? Questions from the audience followed the talk.


Students Talk 3

Great freedom is needed to perceive truth

Students Talk 3 Rajghat
November 30, 1969

A mind weighed down by tradition, prejudice and ideas cannot understand the nature and structure of truth. Can one bring about a transformation in oneself so that one lives a clean, orderly, free life? What is religion? The so-called religious people have said that to have total energy don’t have sex or look at the opposite sex. Do not seek God; you don’t know what it means. Can your mind, in which is included the brain and the heart, transform? If so, reality is there without searching for it. Questions from the audience followed the talk.


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