Conditioning exists only when the mind is asleep

Public Talk 1

Why is there fragmentation and division?

Public Talk 1 Madras
December 28, 1969

Where there is division, there is contradiction and conflict. Division exists as long as there is resistance. Contradiction exists when there is a wall between you and something else. Your brain reacts from the past. When you observe, what is it that is observing? Can there be observation without resistance? There is no design or pattern for order. To find out what order is, and its beauty and freedom, one must understand disorder.


Public Talk 2

Order is the total response to a challenge

Public Talk 2 Madras
December 31, 1969

Order is only possible when we understand disorder. Order means responsibility, not duty. Responsibility means to respond totally. Order is complete security, and therefore no effort. Why do we live in conflict and violence? What is thinking? If answered adequately, this very question brings order. Thought divides; division is resistance; resistance is disorder. A life of order means a life of virtue.


Public Talk 3

Living, dying and love

Public Talk 3 Madras
January 04, 1970

The possibility of the impossible is more important than what is possible. Why is your mind occupied with itself? What gives desire continuity? Living in the past. What is love? Why is love associated with sex? Dying every day to everything in which you take delight. We poison this peculiar thing called love.


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