Ending all fear

Public Talk 1

How does one learn about oneself?

Public Talk 1 San Diego, California
April 05, 1970

If we are not to be dependent on some saviour or authority then where do we look for light? Being broken up with contradictory desires, having no love, how are we to observe? Does one fragment observe the rest? Are you separate from the thing you observe? Can you observe at the moment of violence, at the moment of your anger, without the censor? When the observer becomes the observed does contradiction disappear? Can one free oneself from accumulated knowledge? Is there dullness if I don't compare at all? Do you understand anything through comparison?


Public Talk 2

Can the human mind be completely free of fear?

Public Talk 2 San Diego, California
April 06, 1970

How does one deal with the hidden as well as the conscious fears? Is fear a moving away from 'what is'? Can a fearful, dependent mind know joy or love? Will analysis free the mind from fear? Doesn't it imply time and an analyser? Is the analyser a fragment of the ego? Are fear and pleasure interrelated? Sustaining pleasure and maintaining fear, thought separates itself as the analyser. Clarity of thought is needed but thought also breeds fear, so what is one to do? Is there a centre from which you observe?


Public Talk 3

Understanding meditation requires order

Public Talk 3 San Diego, California
April 07, 1970

Isn't our actual daily life disorder? In pleasure there is frustration, pain, dependency. Is that love? Why has sex become so important in life? Can one see life as a whole in which living, love, and death are not three separate things? Can the mind be so awake that it has no experience, needs no challenge? Thought is not love. Love is not the past, love is not memory. Without understanding living, love, and death isn't your meditation merely an escape, a form of self-hypnosis?


Public Talk 4

What is meditation?

Public Talk 4 San Diego, California
April 09, 1970

In meditation what is the place of search? Can one bring about order without understanding disorder? Is control necessary for order? Why do we need control when there is understanding of 'what is'? Without love, that is not touched by pleasure, meditation is self-hypnosis. Can a petty mind experience anything other than its own projections and activities? To see clearly musn't the mind be quiet? If you have this extraordinary thing going on in your life, then it is everything. Then you are the teacher, the student, the beauty of the cloud, and that is love.


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