What am I to do in this world?

Students Discussion 1

What is your vocation?

Students Discussion 1 Saanen
July 24, 1970

Being young, what am I going to do with my life? One has to find out one’s vocation, dharma, do something which is true in life. Be aware of what is going on in the world, and of your role and responsibility. We can only understand in relationship, not in isolation. A new society comes only when you have found right relationship with another. Society is relationship. What is it to be aware? It is your vocation to find out how to live in this world with alert awareness. The mind chooses only when it is confused. There is no choice when the mind is very clear. A new response can take place only when the old brain is sufficiently quiet. Awareness in which there is no justification, condemnation or identification.


Students Discussion 2

How do you know you are confused?

Students Discussion 2 Saanen
July 31, 1970

What do we mean by the word ‘confusion’? What do you do when you are confused in a forest and have lost your way? Have you stopped searching for a way to clear up confusion? How do I know I have stopped searching? Is the stoppage right through my being or superficial only? Choice and decision exist as long as there is confusion. Has psychosomatic activity produced confusion? I can be ill and yet realise confusion is not a result of illness. There is an action and clarity when the mind has completely stopped; it realises any movement out of confusion is more confusion. Living is action. In living there is confusion; out of that living, action brings confusion. Is there an action which is always complete, not contradictory and doesn’t breed more problems? There is duality when you say ‘I am confused.’ That very duality and division is confusion.


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