Meditation is the total release of energy

Public Talk 1

Being free of the deepest conditioning

Public Talk 1 Brockwood Park
September 04, 1971

Can man ever be free, not only of the superficial conditioning of a particular culture, but also of the much deeper conditioning, of which most of us are unconscious? The demand for psychological security is much deeper than the demand for physiological security. How is thought to function beautifully, efficiently, healthily and not create division between people? Is there a field which is not measurable by thought? There must be a learning of observation in which thought doesn’t interfere at all. How am I to be aware of the unconscious, hidden images? Can there be silence from which thought can operate?


Public Talk 2

Action without the authority of the image

Public Talk 2 Brockwood Park
September 05, 1971

Can we have a relationship, and therefore co-operation, without the authority of the image? How am I consciously to examine all the images which lie hidden in the recesses of my mind? Q: If the mind is in a state of disorder, what can it do? When there is no observer in attention there is no image-forming at all.


Public Discussion 1

Can I live a harmonious life?

Public Discussion 1 Brockwood Park
September 07, 1971

Q: What is the difference between analysis and examination of one’s immediate reactions? Q: I am full of fears, deep-rooted uncertainties - how am I to be completely free of them? When I analyse myself and my reactions or behaviour, there is the act and the actor. There is a division between the two and that creates conflict between ‘what is’ and ‘what should be’. At the moment of actual fear there is no division. How is it possible to look at life non-fragmentarily? What takes place when I say I am not looking for an answer, I am not expecting a thing? What goes on in the mind? To find out what death is, I must have energy. Can I live without fear?


Public Discussion 2

Can habit end without decision or choice?

Public Discussion 2 Brockwood Park
September 09, 1971

Q: Is there such a thing as decision? Does choice exist when I see something very clearly? How do I end a habit without resistance, without saying, ‘I must not, I must control, I must resist?’ If I give attention to a little problem I am wasting energy. I must find a greater energy which will dissolve the little problem. Resistance implies not only division but conflict.


Public Talk 3

What is the relationship between the pursuit of pleasure and love?

Public Talk 3 Brockwood Park
September 11, 1971

Why does pleasure play such an important part in our lives? When there is the quality of deep, passionate freedom, then sex has its own place. Then what is chastity? The word ‘innocence’ means a mind that does not hurt or receive hurts, but yet is totally vulnerable. Such a mind is a chaste mind. What is love? Death, love and living are interrelated. The content of consciousness is consciousness. Without the content is there consciousness?


Public Talk 4

Meditation is the total release of energy

Public Talk 4 Brockwood Park
September 12, 1971

How is one to have the quality of energy which is without friction? When you practise a method in order to achieve enlightenment, bliss, a quiet mind or a state of tranquillity, it obviously makes the mind mechanical. Q: What do you mean by observing greed without naming it as greed? Is it the same as observing the action of the past without naming it? How is one to observe the whole content of consciousness, the obvious and the hidden, the superficial and the profound, in one look? Meditation is putting aside altogether everything that man has conceived of himself and the world. Q: What is intuition? Q: When one is aware of one’s sexual appetites they seem to disappear. Can that awareness, attention, be maintained all the time? Q: Can we be aware of what goes on when we are asleep?


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