There is no freedom without knowing yourself totally

Public Talk 2

Seeing is the action of intelligence

Public Talk 2 New Delhi
November 12, 1972

Can the mind and the heart ever be free from confusion, sorrow and conflict? Thought divides, and thought has no insight. Thought brings about incomplete action breeding conflict, sorrow, pain and confusion. Why does the mind pursue pleasure? Is there a way of ending fear without analysis? Is there a state of mind in which permanence does not exist? Intelligence is absolute security.


Public Talk 3

Freedom is the immobility of attention

Public Talk 3 New Delhi
November 18, 1972

Is there a total and absolute freedom? Beauty lies in freedom when the mind is totally free from the known. Can the mind be free of death and of the content it has gathered through millennia? Can you see your consciousness totally without the impediment of analysis? Can you look at consciousness with attention, a state of mind completely immobile? When you see for yourself what is not love, can you drop that instantly? Questions from the audience followed the talk


Public Talk 4

Meditation is action without choice or will

Public Talk 4 New Delhi
November 19, 1972

In choice there is always conflict. Why is there disorder in our life? Is there a way of living without a breath of struggle or conflict? Is it possible to live a life without will? Have you ever watched the operation of will in yourself? Can you look at your neighbour or intimate relationship without any conclusion or image? Any form of control denies sensitivity and intelligence demanded in meditation. Can the brain cells and the whole mind be completely still? Questions from the audience followed the talk


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