Beliefs dissipate energy

Public Talk 1

An energy that has never known corruption

Public Talk 1 Rajghat
November 25, 1972

How am I to deal with ‘what is’ actually, which is myself? When the mind has undissipated energy, it can go beyond ‘what is’. When I say I must put away my beliefs, who is the ‘me’ that says this? Conflict is a wastage of energy. The ‘me’ is the invention of thought. ‘How can I go beyond myself?’ is a wrong question. Can the mind be totally attentive? Attention is the summation of total energy. Questions from the audience followed the talk


Public Talk 2

Can the mind observe without time?

Public Talk 2 Rajghat
November 26, 1972

What is it we are seeking and why do we seek? Time is involved in searching and when the mind desires or demands experience. What is a mind to do that has been brought up and evolved in time? Can the mind always functioning in the field of time as the known be free without practice, discipline or effort? If you don’t move at all from the fact of suffering, what takes place? We are asking the mind not to think at all. Questions from the audience followed the talk


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