Truth is a living thing with no place, abode or time

Public Talk 2

Fear, love and death

Public Talk 2 Bangalore
January 13, 1973

Where there is dependency there is fear and the pain of that which you depend upon being taken away. Can the mind be totally free of the accumulated fears of society and culture, and also of the personal fears? Does thought breed fear? The pursuit of status is a psychological state invented by man in the social structure in which he lives. Is love attachment? Love is the total negation of what it is not. Can the mind be free of death? Questions from the audience followed the talk


Public Talk 3

A meditative mind is free of all control

Public Talk 3 Bangalore
January 14, 1973

Unless the mind has understood its entirety, the religious mind will not come into being. The foundation of meditation is self-knowing, relationship in which there is no conflict, and order in our daily life. Truth is a living thing with no place, abode or time. It is free of any conclusion or theory. When you practise meditation, the meditator becomes all-important and not the movement of meditation. Meditation is a state of mind in which the operation and exercise of will is not. Meditation has no direction, is not seeking experience. It is no longer seeking at all. A meditative mind, having no concentration, has attention.


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