Meditation is the total negation of the self

Public Talk 1

Knowledge in relationship creates division

Public Talk 1 San Francisco, California
March 10, 1973

Relationship is of the highest importance because relationship creates society. Where there is division between you and me, we and they, there must be conflict. Observation implies total attention. Attention comes when you are deeply interested. Your relationship with another is based on knowledge. We have got a great many images and conclusions, so the mind is not free to observe. Can the mind that functions with conclusions be free? Questions from the audience followed the talk


Public Talk 2

What is the place of thought?

Public Talk 2 San Francisco, California
March 11, 1973

What is the function of thought? What is action and what is its relationship to thought? Is there a non-fragmentary whole action in relationship, not controlled by thought, measurement or the past? Our life is based on two principles: pleasure and fear. Order only comes when you observe how disorderly and confused your life is. Can you observe fear without reaction from the past? What place has thought in human relationship? Questions from the audience followed the talk


Public Talk 3

Suffering, love and freedom from death

Public Talk 3 San Francisco, California
March 17, 1973

Action is not different from perception; if you see something dangerous, you act instantly. A mind caught in suffering cannot understand the nature of love. Can you remain with suffering without the description or the word? Can one who is pursuing pleasure know what love is? Can the mind, living in this world, be free from death? Living, love and death are one. When you separate them, there is conflict, pain, sorrow and the fear of death. Questions from the audience followed the talk


Public Talk 4

Total negation of the self

Public Talk 4 San Francisco, California
March 18, 1973

What is religion? Why do we accept the false and make-believe? Meditation is the quality of mind completely attentive and silent. Can thought be controlled? The freedom to stand completely alone psychologically is one of the greatest things in life. The ‘me’ has to cease completely and not think in terms of the better or becoming something more, which denies the good. Enlightenment is not a fixed place. All one has to do is understand the chaos and disorder in which we live.


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