Living, love and death are one movement

Public Talk 1

What is your mind?

Public Talk 1 Bangalore
January 05, 1974

Is your mind in the prison of tradition? The only thing that matters is whether you can transform, bring about a total revolution in yourself. In a degenerating world growing daily darker, one has to be a light to oneself. You must understand yourself. What are you? Can you look at yourself without a single image? Can you observe sanely? Questions from the audience followed the talk


Public Talk 2

Is there a non-mechanistic behaviour?

Public Talk 2 Bangalore
January 06, 1974

We have made the mind a mechanical instrument. Is there a quality of mind that is not mechanical? When you have an ideology you are conditioned, and there is no action in the present. Is there an action which is not mechanistic, not based on reward and punishment? Can you observe without the gesture of thought? To understand or to look at pleasure, you must understand the nature and structure of thought.


Public Talk 3

Sorrow, love and death

Public Talk 3 Bangalore
January 12, 1974

Why do you feel at a loss, lonely, when stripped of your attachments? Can you look at your life without getting depressed and without wanting change? Can the mind be free of images about yourself or anyone? Love is like a flower that blossoms. The ground in which love can blossom is when the mind understands suffering totally. What is it that is frightened of death? Love is as strong as death, and living is not separate from love and death. Questions from the audience followed the talk


Public Talk 4

Meditation is concerned with the whole of life

Public Talk 4 Bangalore
January 13, 1974

Meditation has immense significance and reveals an astonishing depth which time, thought and measure cannot enter. Can the mind observe disorder without the observer? Why do you accept the pattern set by another about meditation or anything? Behaviour based on order is virtue. Time is movement in space in a direction you have set. Can the mind be free of time? Meditation demands tremendous attention. There is great energy where there is attention. Can the mind be free from all control? Questions from the audience followed the talk


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