Can the mind regenerate itself?

Public Talk 1

Can the human mind radically regenerate?

Public Talk 1 Bombay
January 19, 1974

There is no attention if I move away from the statement that I am the world. Regeneration means to be reborn anew. Can your mind, shaped by the society in which you live, undergo a radical transformation? Can the mind be free of a mechanical way of living? What does it mean to perceive? Questions from the audience followed the talk


Public Talk 2

Can the mind remain with hurt?

Public Talk 2 Bombay
January 20, 1974

The content of our minds can be understood, explored and observed when the word is not the thing, the description is not the described. Can the mind be free of the machinery of making images? What do we do with all the hurts the image has received? A mind that is hurt is incapable of perception, seeing directly and acting instantly. Can thought naturally, without effort, prevent itself from creating images about itself or another? Can the mind observe hurt or envy without the observer? Religion is the transformation and regeneration of man.


Public Talk 3

Living, love and the meaning of death

Public Talk 3 Bombay
January 26, 1974

Our existence, as it is, is very confused: we are in great turmoil outwardly and inwardly. Can the mind be related without a single image? What is the meaning of life? Can a mind, driven by desire and tortured by lust, come to reality? Is love the pursuit of what has been? Can the mind free itself from the known and live in freedom? What happens to a mind that has always lived in the known?


Public Talk 4

Meditation, order and space

Public Talk 4 Bombay
January 27, 1974

Order is necessary for austerity. Can you observe the disorder in which you live without the eyes of the past? When thought is in movement it creates the bondage of time. In meditation are you concerned with achieving something, an experience others say they have had? Thought is time and measurement. Can the mind behave orderly without control or effort, with no conflict? Can the mind be free of the ‘me’ so that it has immense space?


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