Looking at the complex problem of living

Public Talk 1

Can a disorderly mind find order?

Public Talk 1 Santa Monica, California
March 16, 1974

If you are merely concerned with your self-interest, your field of vision is very narrow. Commercialism and consumerism are making human beings more and more self-centred, more and more selfish. How do you look at this vast complex problem of living with all its complexities? Freedom implies order; there can be no freedom without order. Without a radical change in consciousness, do what you will outside, it will bring about further misery and chaos. Questions from the audience followed the talk.


Public Talk 2

Freedom, responsibility and relationship

Public Talk 2 Santa Monica, California
March 17, 1974

Can there be freedom in relationship or is freedom always limited where memory in relationship acts? Can you observe, without wanting to change or suppress, the conclusions and images you have built about another? We have been hurt in relationship. Can those hurts be wiped away, especially the unconscious ones? Where there is learning, freedom comes into being, and in that freedom responsibility. Freedom means responsibility, right to the end of our life. Questions from the audience followed the talk.


Public Talk 3

Understanding sorrow, love and death

Public Talk 3 Santa Monica, California
March 23, 1974

Merely to be concerned with love or death without understanding sorrow has little meaning. Everybody has suffered; not a single human being escapes from it. Can you put away all the escapes that you have cultivated? The ending of personal sorrow brings energy and passion which acts upon the sorrow of the world. Why have we made sex such an extraordinarily important thing in life? Is love a form of dependency or attachment? What is it that dies? Questions from the audience followed the talk.


Public Talk 4

The religious mind brings about a new culture

Public Talk 4 Santa Monica, California
March 24, 1974

Why does man accept authority, especially in matters of the spirit? Thought has brought about the structure of religions and has projected our gods, saviours, teachers and gurus. Authority and following another or a system, a method, a practice, has no place in meditation. Order does not come through discipline but the observation of disorder. Can thought, measurement and time come to an end, and so allow space? Silence is necessary because only in total silence can there be perception and listening. Meditation implies freedom from self-imposed controls. Questions from the audience followed the talk.


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