Freedom from authority is necessary to find truth

Public Talk 1

A direct perception not related to knowledge

Public Talk 1 Ojai, California
April 12, 1975

How do you observe the things you see around you? Is knowledge a means of transformation and change? Is there a direct perception that will transform man? Knowledge has its right place. Through conclusions, abstractions and words we live. How am I to know myself without analysis? Is there a way of looking that instantly reveals the total content of consciousness?


Public Talk 2

Conflict, ideologies, fear and pleasure

Public Talk 2 Ojai, California
April 13, 1975

Is it possible to transform ‘what is’ without ideals? Is there a way of living in which conflict doesn’t exist? What is thinking? What happens when challenged with that question? There must be fear as long as thought is in operation as a reaction to memory. Why do we give such extraordinary importance to pleasure? Can the mind observe without any reaction? What is action not based on memory? Can you live without building images? Then only is there relationship. What are attention and inattention?


Public Talk 3

Time, suffering and death

Public Talk 3 Ojai, California
April 19, 1975

Can time ever end, or is it something that is a continuous movement? Is there a psychological tomorrow? Thought cannot think about truth. Can the mind free itself from suffering? Is there an end to suffering? When there is no suffering, then only is there compassion. What is it that we call living? Who is it that is living? What is the meaning of death? Is the self, the ‘me’, frightened of coming to an end? Questions from the audience followed the talk


Public Talk 4

Religion, authority and meditation

Public Talk 4 Ojai, California
April 20, 1975

Is there something that is sacred, not put together by thought? Authority in so-called spiritual matters is non-spiritual. There must be complete freedom from all belief because belief conditions the mind. Why do you listen to the speaker? What is it that one is seeking? Meditation is to understand where thought belongs. Why do you dream? Meditation is to have a completely still mind. In total silence there is nothing, and you are nothing. If you are something, silence is not.


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