Can you live without images?

Public Talk 1

Can the image-making machinery stop?

Public Talk 1 Rajghat
November 03, 1976

What is your relationship with another? You are the repository of all humanity. You are the world, and the world is you. If there is a radical transformation in the structure of the psyche, you affect the consciousness of humanity. Is it possible not to create images of another? To find the root of fear you must inquire into the question of time and thought. Is it possible to register only technical knowledge and nothing else? Thought has its place only in the technological world.


Public Talk 2

Desire, suffering, death and meditation

Public Talk 2 Rajghat
November 07, 1976

Psychological desires affect physiological desires and vice versa. They are interrelated, interacting together. Why has man pursued pleasure? Love is not when there is suffering. Sorrow is the intensification of energy forms. What is our life before death? There is an ending when you die to sorrow, fear and the demand for pleasure, then your brain is never burdened by memory. When you make an effort, it is a dissipation of energy. Meditation is not concentration, practice or repetition, but emptying consciousness of its content.


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