A total regeneration of the mind

Public Talk 1

When you change radically it affects all mankind.

Public Talk 1 Bombay
January 21, 1978

Can you, representing the common factor of humanity, bring about a regeneration of your mind? This investigation implies that you must be free to look at your life. What is the root of conflict? Can we live in a relationship with each other in which there is no conflict whatsoever? Why is there in us a dual process of thinking? In daily life can you drop the opposite and your ideal and deal only with ‘what is’? Jealousy is common to all mankind. Can you observe that feeling without naming it? We are caught in conflicting desires. Why does thought create the image out of which desire is born? Can the brain record only that which is essential?


Public Talk 2

Can there be a regeneration of the mind?

Public Talk 2 Bombay
January 22, 1978

There is a great deal of psychological interference when we observe. Can one observe without the past interfering? Why do we live in the past and act from the past? Is it because the past is more secure and the future is totally uncertain? Is there fear if you don't create images? Why does thought create pictures of the past or future, which breed fear? Is thought, which is time, a factor of fear? Can one register only that which is necessary and not build the psychological structure of the ‘me’? Fear and love cannot exist together. Total clarity of the mind is innocence.


Public Talk 3

What makes our lives so disorderly and confused?

Public Talk 3 Bombay
January 28, 1978

Is breaking away from disorder more frightening than to live in it? Pleasure is one of the major factors of disorder. Why do we pursue pleasure? What is the nature and structure of pleasure? Enjoyment is not pleasure. Love is the flame that burns away meanness and brutality. Is love related to pleasure and desire? Does an ambitious man know love? Where there is fear there can be no love. Can the sorrow in human beings end? Is sorrow always associated with an incident or is there sorrow by itself? Death is part of our life. Can I live with death always as my shadow?


Public Talk 4

Meditation is a flowering that has no motive.

Public Talk 4 Bombay
January 29, 1978

Are we heavily conditioned? Is the entity who wishes to break down conditioning different from the conditioning itself? Does the division between the observer and the observed waste energy? Is the observer at the very root of conflict? Will it take time to break down conditioning? Is there psychological time at all? Can your mind end its state of constantly being occupied? When there is disorder there is dissipation of energy. For meditation there must be immense energy. Is all reality put together by thought? Can thought being fragmented investigate the immeasurable? Meditation does not seek anything, because it is without time and the ‘me’.


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