What is the beginning of disorder?

Public Talk 1

What is the cause of our destructive way of living?

Public Talk 1 Rajghat
November 11, 1978

What is the basic cause of corruption and degeneration? When thought and the intellect become predominant, there must be fragmentation. When there is fragmentation, there is degeneration and corruption. Is it possible to live a life without control? Relationship based on thought and remembrance is no relationship. Can consciousness become aware of itself? Can consciousness ever be in complete order? Questions from the audience followed the talk.


Public Talk 2

Do you know your life is in disorder?

Public Talk 2 Rajghat
November 12, 1978

Our consciousness is in a state of constant confusion. Is it possible to bring about order in life? Without order, any form of meditation is meaningless. The process of analysis implies division as the analyser and the analysed. Do you know for yourself, as you know hunger, that your life is in disorder? Can you be aware that your mind is mechanical? Are you afraid to go against the current? To bring order one must observe freely, learn without any movement of thought. Questions from the audience followed the talk.


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