How can we help the student to understand the nature of conditioning?

K School - Adults Discussion 1

The relationship between teacher and student

K School - Adults Discussion 1 Brockwood Park
June 17, 1979

Modern education in ordinary schools is merely concerned with giving information, giving a certain amount of knowledge and helping the students to get a career. What is our relationship here at this school? Is there any deeper relationship? Are we concerned not merely with the now - the now being good relationship, helping students to understand the whole significance of life - and also concerned with their future? Psychologically we are on the same level. How shall we help each other to be free of mediocrity? How are we to help each other to uncondition ourselves? How shall we begin to free ourselves from the results which society and ourselves have imposed?


K School - Adults Discussion 2

We have divided life as the outer and the inner

K School - Adults Discussion 2 Brockwood Park
June 20, 1979

Q: What is education? Education should be preparation for the whole of life instead of limiting it to earning a livelihood. How will you help the student to come to the understanding of the whole of life? Are we trying to change the human character, the condition of man, from the outside? Is change not from the outside but psychologically, inwardly? Is there no such thing as division, but a constant moving, outer and inner? Can these two streams be brought together? Have you a relationship with the student? That means being concerned about his dress, the way he walks, the way he talks, the language he uses, cultivating his taste, manners, politeness, the whole of it - help him to be free of fear, help him to be free.


K School - Adults Discussion 3

The art of listening 2

K School - Adults Discussion 3 Brockwood Park
June 23, 1979

What is the relationship between a teacher and a student, when both realize that they are conditioned? Wherever we live we are conditioned by society, culture and religion. Part of that conditioning is ambition, which expresses itself in the desire for success. Is conditioning self-centredness? If I am prejudiced, if I have a certain point of view and stick to it, I can't listen to you. You may be contradicting my point of view and so I won't listen. If I can learn the art of listening, I would solve many problems. If you are passionately involved, not verbally but wholly, in what you are saying, your very passion makes me listen to you.


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