The seed of a million years

Public Talk 1

The flowering of the seed of a million years

Public Talk 1 Madras
December 22, 1979

If we are not capable of listening we are not capable of learning. Man since the beginning of time has asked if there is a reality, truth, something timeless that cannot be measured, and that inquiry, that seed, is still with us. Is it possible for that seed to grow and flower, multiply and cover the earth? That is the function, the necessity of everyone. In this world there is such confusion, violence, corruption, every form of degeneration. If we do not find that seed and let it flower we are going to destroy ourselves. Thinking is always in a straight line, moving forwards or backwards. When specialisation takes place the brain becomes smaller; the other parts of the brain become rather dull. Thought divides itself, one group of thoughts against another group. The mind, the brain has now reached a point where it is completely confused. The brain needs absolute security for that seed to flower.


Public Talk 2

Thought has put together the whole structure of the ‘me’

Public Talk 2 Madras
December 23, 1979

Our minds are the result of a thousand experiences and man has been searching for an eternity. Immortality is merely the continuity of one’s own ignorance. We are questioning the cultivation through the centuries this idea of the self, the ‘me’ that must evolve through time, many births, or be saved by a saviour. We must inquire into what has created the ‘me’, the self. Reality is everything that thought has created. Nature is not created by thought. Truth has nothing whatsoever to do with thought. Can thought dissolve the structure which it has created as the ‘me’? Your approach dictates the resolution of a problem. If you approach it with any motive or try to escape, the problem will always remain. All society is based on human relationship. Because human beings are immoral, our society is immoral. We are corrupt beyond measure so we create a society that is utterly corruptible. Intelligence and love go together. Without love we cannot have intelligence.


Public Talk 3

Where is security found for the brain?

Public Talk 3 Madras
December 29, 1979

Why do human beings with their extraordinary brain and mind live in narrow grooves, with narrow activities, self-centred impulses and urges? There is no infinite thought, there is no complete thought. In what manner can consciousness be transformed? Our brains are trained, subjected, submitted to established outside order or inside discipline; essentially to obey. The brain has extraordinary incalculable energy and that energy is now being used in a very narrow, limited way. Intelligence is not the product of thought. When there is this intelligence there is complete and total security. What is order? When the mind is learning it is creating its own discipline, not of conformity but through attention. The awakening of intelligence is the beginning of total, happy security of human beings. Our relationship is based on memory so there is no love or happiness, nothing but disastrous division. What will make you change?


Public Talk 4

A mind living in control, conflict and desire is never free

Public Talk 4 Madras
December 30, 1979

Our minds are chattering, thought moving from one association or desire to another, a contradiction of opposing energies. Within the mind can there ever be freedom? If not, man is everlastingly slave to the known. Is it possible to go beyond the process of time? The immediate is far more important than the future. The mind has become accustomed, trained, conditioned to time, with no question of immediate action. The immediate dissolves time. One has to understand the nature of desire, not suppress it, control it or run away from it. Desire comes through the movement of thought creating the image. Thought pursues that image which becomes desire. Why does thought create the image? Will is the exertion of energy in a particular direction and that energy is the movement of desire. Is it possible to observe instantly and act instantly, which needs no control?


Public Discussion 1

Bringing together all one’s energy to look at a problem

Public Discussion 1 Madras
January 03, 1980

Is our psychological pain as acute as toothache, or are we aware of it after it has taken place? Do we see the absurdity, the futility of escape? If one sees that escape does not solve the problem, what does one do with the problem? What are the implications of analysis? Who is it that is analysing, thinking the analyser is different from the problem? Can I decide immediately to end a problem, not take time or move away from it? Intelligence can only operate in the moment. Do not allow time as a means of solution of a problem. It is only when there is inattention that quarrels begin. When there is complete attention on both sides there is no quarrel, no division. Time is one of the most destructive factors; time is death.


Public Talk 5

Why does the mind live in concepts?

Public Talk 5 Madras
January 05, 1980

Can the human mind be free of concepts? Is the making of concept an escape from action? Can you listen and not make a concept but apply? Is fear the word ‘fear’? Integrity means saying things that you actually mean. Time will not solve fear but will complicate the issue. When you listen completely there is no movement of thought but merely observation. The mind seeking pleasure is invariably attached to the action that brings pleasure. Is there time at all psychologically? Can the brain free itself from its tradition without time? When there is a clear, total sensory response there is no centre from which you are observing. Pleasure like fear is the movement of time. If there is any form of attachment there is no love. How will you have this flower, the great beauty of love?


Public Talk 6

Sorrow, death and meditation

Public Talk 6 Madras
January 06, 1980

How do you approach any problem, physical or psychological? What is the relationship between sorrow and passion? Sorrow indicates a state of mind in which there is pain, grief, tears, a sense of immense loneliness and isolation. Without passion you can never be free or creative. Why are we excluding death from living? Examining your own life, what is your life? When you realise the fact that you are the rest of mankind, what is death? To a man whose mind is the universe of humanity there is no death. Whatever he is doing, he is ending, never carrying. Why is it important to meditate? There must be somewhere something that is not perishable, that is incorruptible, timeless, eternal. That seed has been sown in man from time immemorial. Can we end psychological registering? Meditation can never be conscious, can never be thought out, premeditated.


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