The brain can function excellently only in order

Public Talk 1

A crowded brain is incapable of being free

Public Talk 1 Bombay
January 16, 1980

Freedom is being denied to humanity. Your mind is not yours; it is the mind of humanity, grown through evolution in time. Knowledge can never be complete. What place has memory and thought in our relationships? Our minds are so conditioned by education, tradition and books that we cannot break through the limitation of thought. Conflict is the very essence of degeneration.


Public Talk 2

The tremendous energy of the brain

Public Talk 2 Bombay
January 19, 1980

Your brain is the result of thousands of years of experience, evolution and accumulation of knowledge. When energy is limited its activity must be limited. Order based on knowledge inevitably brings disorder. Release of energy can only come when there is absolute order. When there is order, there is a totally different kind of action. Is there an action so immediate it does not allow time? The brain has unlimited capacity and tremendous energy, which is now limited and so brings about disorder.


Public Talk 3

Learning and desire

Public Talk 3 Bombay
January 20, 1980

Is there a different kind of learning which is the employment of the total mind? There is fundamental, active learning through observation, which is not mechanical or repetitive. Our observation is directed by the observer which is the past accumulation of knowledge as experience and memory. If there is any movement of desire, the source of energy cannot come into being. We have cultivated one or two senses which dominate other senses. Will is the essence of desire.


Public Talk 4

Time perpetuates the agony of humanity

Public Talk 4 Bombay
January 27, 1980

Can there be freedom from the remembrance of grief, violence and human problems? The brain is accustomed to time: I am not, but I will be, time from ‘what is’ to ‘what should be’. Time is the distorting factor in life. If you act immediately, there is no time. Is there a possibility of ending fear so completely it never comes back? Desire is the movement in time that creates duality. A problem only exists if you allow it to have duration.


Public Talk 5

Self-centred occupation creates sorrow

Public Talk 5 Bombay
January 30, 1980

Loneliness comes about through our daily self-centred action. Can there be activity not centred around oneself? As long as we are lonely, sorrow inevitably continues. Self-centred activity in any form leads to isolation, division and strife. Can the mind be free of the known? What does it mean to die? Are you meditating now?


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