Our consciousness is the common ground on which all humanity stands

Public Talk 1

Thought and the problems of our world

Public Talk 1 Brockwood Park
August 29, 1981

The politicians are thinking in terms of tribalism. They have not the global outlook or the concern for the whole of humanity. We are humanity. What we suffer, what we go through in daily life, our quarrels, our disenchantment, all our troubles, religious, psychological, political, is the concern of all human beings. What is one to do as a human being living in this dreadful world, which is becoming more and more dangerous, more and more insecure, theologically as well as physically? How will you find out a totally different approach which is not contaminated by thought, because one realises thought is utterly limited? The computer is taking over all our thinking. To understand the psychological structure of man there needs be no direction. Is there a deeper cause which brings about the terrible division between human beings?


Public Talk 2

Looking at the whole content of consciousness

Public Talk 2 Brockwood Park
August 30, 1981

There is nothing sacred about thought, yet what thought has invented, thought assumes is sacred and then begins to worship it as being sacred. So thought is worshipping itself. Can we look at ourselves freely, actually what is going on, without any motive, distortion or direction? Is relationship merely sensory, sexual? Is it merely a companionship, depending on each other, exploiting each other, trying to dominate each other, possess each other? Or is it much deeper? The deep cause of division is thinking that each one is separate. Can the brain function as a whole? What is the root of fear? Is pleasure a remembrance? Is pleasure a thought? Is pleasure time? Is love the awakening of the whole of the brain?


Public Talk 3

Knowledge, sorrow, death, and to be free of the content of consciousness

Public Talk 3 Brockwood Park
September 05, 1981

Any action born of knowledge must be incomplete, and from that incompleteness all our problems arise. Is knowledge suffering, and when there is suffering is it at all possible to have love? Can we stop the whole movement of escape? The very word ‘sorrow’ colours the fact of sorrow, the pain of it. I have collected so much this life, so many pictures, furniture, land. I have cultivated my brain through education, through study, through experience and travelled a great deal. If I die, what is the point of it all? Consciousness is common to all of us. It is not mine or yours, it is common ground, on which humanity stands. If you let the whole content be wiped away by insight you have contributed to consciousness an enormous amount. You have brought a totally new dimension into consciousness. And what you have brought is so colossally important because you have brought real freedom from sorrow to man.


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