Is there a learning that’s not restricted to a particular point of view?

K School - Students Discussion 1

Have you ever asked yourself what knowledge is?

K School - Students Discussion 1 Rishi Valley
December 10, 1981

What do you learn from experiences? You move from one item of knowledge to another but knowledge is the same. Where is knowledge necessary and where is it not necessary? Can you look at yourself without any image? I can answer all your questions but I want you to think it out for yourself.


K School - Students Discussion 2

Will you be responsible not to be corrupt?

K School - Students Discussion 2 Rishi Valley
December 15, 1981

What do we mean by learning? Education is basically to learn about yourself and your relationship to the world. Q: You said that it is important to learn through sympathy and affection. I don’t understand that. Corruption is the way of life in this country. What are you going to do about it? Do you want to find out if there is an alternative to taking exams and getting a job? We are afraid to go against the current and stand alone. Why? Is your action based on belief, the result of tradition, dependent on your parents, on what other people say? By comparing yourself with somebody you never find out what you are. What are you? What would you like to do for the rest of your life?


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