Two Conversations with Pupul Jayakar, 1982

Dialogue 1

How does one inquire into the source of all life?

Dialogue 1 Brockwood Park
June 21, 1982

What is the source of all existence, all life, all action? What is the approach of a mind that wants to inquire into something that it doesn’t know, something that demands an extraordinary quality of deep subtlety, deep capacity of order? Why doesn’t one feel totally responsible for the wars, the brutality, the terrible things that are happening in the world? Human beings have created such disorder in themselves and therefore outwardly. How does one comprehend, be aware of, the origin of disorder? What is the state of action that is born out of complete attention? To watch my reactions, my responses, to observe diligently my relationship with another, intimate or not – is it necessary to go through all this? Any person who gives attention, who wants to hear, who really says, 'I must find the source of life,' who is passionate about it, not just casual, then he will listen. Not to me – he will listen. It is in the air.


Dialogue 2

Can we live without the burden of a thousand yesterdays?

Dialogue 2 Brockwood Park
June 23, 1982

Is it possible to keep the mind very young, and yet ancient? What is consciousness? When suffering ends, the brain is not seeking a future existence in paradise. Is it possible to completely end the whole content of my consciousness, of human consciousness, which has grown through millennia? Can the brain ever be free from its own bondage? Is it possible to look at life as a whole, without fragmentation?


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