Living without measurement is part of meditation

Public Talk 1

The root cause of confusion

Public Talk 1 New Delhi
October 30, 1982

What is the root cause of confusion? Is the environment to blame? Is it possible to be a light to oneself and not depend on a single person? Is your brain conditioned? You have created this world. Life is a process of relationship. Is it possible to live without comparison or measurement? Questions from the audience followed the talk.


Public Talk 2

Conflict, duality and observation

Public Talk 2 New Delhi
October 31, 1982

One has to learn the art of listening. Tradition and religion have conditioned us to think we are separate human beings. The content makes consciousness, and that consciousness is conditioned and so must be in conflict. Thought has divided itself as the past, present and future, the observer and the observed. There is no thinker without thought. The analyser is that which he is analysing. Have you observed anything anew? Why is there conflict in our relationship with each other? Questions from the audience followed the talk.


Public Talk 3

Factors of disorder

Public Talk 3 New Delhi
November 06, 1982

Beauty is complete order, but most of us have not that sense of beauty in our life. What is desire? Have you noticed how our senses operate? Have you ever looked with all your senses? Is it possible not to let thought control sensation? What is the root of fear? How does it arise? Thought is a movement and has created time to become something. Is there thought without knowledge? Questions from the audience followed the talk.


Public Talk 4

In ending is a new beginning

Public Talk 4 New Delhi
November 07, 1982

We are inquiring into the sorrow of mankind, not your particular sorrow. This inquiry is not selfish; it opens up tremendous possibilities. Beliefs and ideals are very destructive, they separate man from man. You are not passionate and are dull because you have not understood the nature of sorrow and its ending. Can love ever be cultivated? We don’t ask what happens before death, only after. Religion has become a form of entertainment. Meditation is the movement of living. It is life.


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