Is it possible to live a life without a single problem?

Public Talk 1

Why do we have problems at all?

Public Talk 1 Bombay
January 22, 1983

What is a problem? Is it possible to live without a single problem? Is our brain educated to solve problems? Do we look at the vast movement of life from the narrow window of our own little self? Why has man created division? Is thought the cause of vast misery? What is thought? Is thought individual? Is it fragmentary and divisive by nature? Is there an end to thought? What is its origin and why has it become so important? What place has knowledge in life?


Public Talk 2

Is it possible to live without a single problem?

Public Talk 2 Bombay
January 23, 1983

What is the nature of conflict? Can one live without any comparison? Is the desire to become, which is comparison and measurement, one of the causes of conflict? How does one deal with fact? How do I observe the fact that I am violent? Is a good mind full of knowledge? Is a good mind a free, comprehensive, global mind? How is the brain to be quiet, not to chatter? Can one observe without any choice one's greed, envy, ambition and arrogance? To understand relationship is the most important thing in life. What does love mean? With love the mind is in the heart.


Public Talk 3

Is there time psychologically?

Public Talk 3 Bombay
January 29, 1983

What has beauty to do with our daily life? Beauty and creation are outside time. Can greed evolve into non-greed? Can fear disappear through time or is time itself the root of fear? Is thought different from time? Does thought divide as time, evolution and becoming? A love without attachment and jealousy. Is sorrow different from the psychological wounds we receive? Can sorrow and fear ever end? Is the observer different from the observed? Where there is love there is no observer.


Public Talk 4

A religious mind

Public Talk 4 Bombay
January 30, 1983

What is going to happen to us when the computer can do almost everything that we can do? What is the relationship of life to love, death and the search for something beyond thought? Is there continuity or is there constant change? Are your name, form, ideas and conclusions the factor of continuity as the ‘me’? What are the implications of attachment? If one sees the truth that you are the rest of mankind then what is death and what is the nature of ending? Why do we constantly measure and compare? If we are free of measurement then what are we? Through systems and practice, do you become dull? Meditation is the understanding of the whole structure of the ‘me’.


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