Is it possible to bring about a deep psychological revolution in ourselves?

Public Talk 1

Can we radically bring about a change in ourselves?

Public Talk 1 Madras
December 31, 1983

Where there is division and fragmentation there must be conflict. From childhood and through education your brain is trained to solve problems, so you treat life as a problem to be solved. A new culture or civilisation cannot come about through economic or political action. Religion is the only factor, and that religion is our inquiry, to find out whether the brain can be really religious. Self-centred thinking is limited. Whatever is limited must bring about conflict and division. Living is relationship. Why has thought become so important in our lives? Note: a total of 12 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.


Public Talk 2

What relationship has time to fear?

Public Talk 2 Madras
January 01, 1984

Technologically we may be marvellous but psychologically we are barbarous, violent, cruel, and lacking any sense of beauty and moral rectitude. What we are now, we will be tomorrow. If we change radically now, psychologically, then the future is now. The analyser of violence is also violent. One violence examines another violence and so there is contradiction. Thought is not separate from the thinker. What is the cause of fear? How can you love if you have fear? If you look with all your senses at a tree, the sky or a cloud full of light, then in that observation there is no self or ‘me’. Note: a total of 10 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.


Public Talk 3

To live means also to end

Public Talk 3 Madras
January 07, 1984

Art is to put everything in its right place. The art of listening, learning and perception. Why do human beings throughout the world get hurt psychologically and carry this burden of pain all their life? When I say, ‘I am hurt by what you said yesterday,’ who is the ‘I’ that is hurt? The image is the recording process in the brain. Is it possible to end sorrow? Why is it that all human beings are frightened of death? Love is not of time nor put together by thought. Love is something outside of the brain.


Public Talk 4

What has religion to do with your daily life?

Public Talk 4 Madras
January 08, 1984

What is religion? What is peace? Conflict arises when there is separation, duality and the opposite. Can you hold that fact that you are violent and not move away from it? Our brains have become like the computer. The total abandonment of all authority, including the authority of knowledge, is to find out the true significance of meditation. Meditation is when the brain is completely unconditioned, totally free from all tradition and from all sense of becoming.


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