Time is the enemy of man

Public Talk 1

A different quality of life

Public Talk 1 Bombay
February 04, 1984

To learn is like a river moving, renewing itself all the time. Can we observe what is happening in the world? What is the cause of wars? Our consciousness, which is what you feel, what you think, your reactions, beliefs, pain, anxiety, loneliness, sorrow, lack of love, is shared by all human beings. What is your responsibility? Is it possible to have a brain that is free so as to solve problems, not having problems then trying to solve problems? Do you love anybody?


Public Talk 2

The endless cycle of action and reaction

Public Talk 2 Bombay
February 05, 1984

Why is there conflict in our life? Is it possible to live a daily life so that there is no division between the past, the future and the present? Is it possible not to record insult or flattery? When you think about something, what do you mean by thinking? Time is the enemy of man. Illumination is not enlightenment through time. It is not a gradual process of success after success. Violence is me, greed is me, anger is me. Later on I say, ‘I have been angry,’ but the fact is anger is me. So the observer is the observed.


Public Questions 0

Question & Answer Meeting 2

Public Questions 0 Bombay
February 09, 1984

Q1: What is beauty? Why do we like things that are beautiful? Q2: Is perception of the actual possible without the intervention of thought? Q3: How can one live with a husband who does not care? Q4: Is it necessary to marry in life? What is the physical relationship between man and woman? Q5: What is the difference between the brain and the mind? Q6: What is faith? Q7: If human consciousness is one, how is it that one person is happy and the other is unhappy? Q8: If the great religions of the world are not religions, what is then religion?


Public Talk 3

The art of living and dying

Public Talk 3 Bombay
February 11, 1984

Is it possible in this crazy world to live a life in which every kind of problem and conflict doesn’t exist? What is the art of living? Where there is division in us psychologically there must be conflict, and therefore disorder. As long as there is disorder, trying to find order is still disorder. Are there many roots of fear or only one single root? The past is experience, knowledge, stored in the brain as memory. From memory, thought arises. Time is the past, memory is the past. So time and thought are the same, not separate. What is death? Is there an end to sorrow, or must man forever carry this burden?


Public Talk 4

Love, freedom, goodness, beauty are one

Public Talk 4 Bombay
February 12, 1984

What is freedom? The inward, authentic, deep sense of unshakeable freedom – not from something – what is that freedom? What is religion? It is the desire for comfort, for help, that creates illusions. Who is the controller when you want to control your thought in meditation? When you are in business or anywhere else, who is the controller? Isn’t it also part of thought? What is the source of desire? Conscious meditation is no meditation because it is born of desire.


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