Fundamental change in society

Public Talk 1

What is our responsibility in the world?

Public Talk 1 New York, New York State
April 14, 1984

What is our responsibility, what shall we do together in this dangerous world? Change is instantaneous, or there is no change at all. The art of relationship is the most important thing in life. To find out the art of living one has to inquire into the question of thinking. Is love the operation of thought? What is desire? Can there be a gap between sensation and thought giving shape to sensation?


Public Talk 2

A silence that can only come in freedom

Public Talk 2 New York, New York State
April 15, 1984

What is freedom? What is the root of fear? Is it possible to be totally free of fear? What is beauty? Why do we have problems? What is the relationship of personal sorrow to the universal sorrow of man? Why are we frightened of death? What is religion?


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