The ending of sorrow

Public Talk 1

The cause of conflict in relationship

Public Talk 1 Brockwood Park
August 25, 1984

Can the cause of conflict be analysed? Is the analyser different from what he analyses? Analysis is a wastage of energy. Can one have an insight into the cause of conflict? Is the cause of division between what I am and what I should be? Can only the few be free of conflict? What is the enormous energy of thought? Thought can imagine the limitless but it is always limited. Do you try to find out what thinking is or do you listen, which means a quality of silence? Is there love in our relationships? What is the cause of conflict in relationship? Is it knowledge of each other? Inwardly, is there security at all?


Public Talk 2

Looking at fear, that extraordinary jewel

Public Talk 2 Brockwood Park
August 26, 1984

If all time is contained in the now, what is our relationship to each other and what is action? If there were no fear inwardly would we have gods? Is fear inwardly born of thought? If it is then what will you do with thought? Who is the entity that tries to stop thought? Is it another thought? Is time a factor of fear? Is there security in time? Have you ever held fear? In consciousness is the whole movement of time and thought. Consciousness is what you are. Consciousness is shared by all.


Public Questions 1

1st Question & Answer Meeting 13

Public Questions 1 Brockwood Park
August 28, 1984

Understanding problems, and the art of living. Q1: What is attention if it has nothing to do with thought? Is it an activity of the brain? Is it a physical process? How does it come into being? You say we cannot bring about attention by an act of will. What must one not do in order to allow attention to exist? Q2: If the whole of life is one movement, with its own order, why is man so disorderly? Q3: How can our listening be adequate to the depth of what you are saying? What is the quality of mind that will allow the fullness of what you are saying to act in us? Q4: Is there such a thing as good or evil in the world, or are these human concepts, values, suppositions and projections?


Public Questions 2

2nd Question & Answer Meeting 13

Public Questions 2 Brockwood Park
August 30, 1984

How does one find peace in the world, and in oneself? Q1: I am still not quite clear about whether the quality of goodness or evil is an outside agency, or forces existing in the world, or only a projection of our own thinking. Q2: Do your schools give the students an understanding of the total human problem, the immensity of human life and its possibilities? Q3: Would you enlarge on what you mean by saying that the future is now? Is it that the seeds of the future are contained in the present, or that the future already fully exists on a different time scale? Q4: Why do you not find value in prayer? Q5: When you are no longer physically with us what are those of us who understand your message, even if only intellectually, to do? Do we continue working on ourselves and forget the rest of the world, or try to spread your teachings as we see it?


Public Talk 3

Is it possible to end all sorrow?

Public Talk 3 Brockwood Park
September 01, 1984

Is there a morality that is not relative or limited? Is there a freedom per se, not away from something or toward something? Are we at all aware of the great suffering of humanity, of each one of us? Suffering comes when there is self-centred pursuit. If one is free from sorrow completely, what effect has that on the world? If there is no radical change what is now will be tomorrow. Is there an instant ending of suffering? Finding out requires the energy of intelligence.


Public Talk 4

The nature, depth and beauty of death

Public Talk 4 Brockwood Park
September 02, 1984

Is there time in the very action of thought? Beauty is truth as love is truth. Is beauty when the observer is not? Death means you hold on to nothing. Can you live with death, not keep it apart from living? Is it possible to live in this world daily with total freedom from knowledge, except where knowledge is necessary? Meditation is to understand measurement, which is comparison. Can we live a daily life without any form of comparison? Silence comes naturally when there is freedom.


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