Where there is total attention there is no self

Public Talk 1

Without change won’t we destroy ourselves?

Public Talk 1 Madras
December 29, 1984

Can we look at the world holistically? Has evolution solved anything psychologically? Is time and memory carried in the brain? Is the future what we are now? If all time is now, then what is change? Can violence end completely now? What is the nature of attention? In complete attention is there resistance or a centre from which you are attending? What is it to be serious? Is it an escape to look to an outside agency for help? Where does corruption begin?


Public Questions 1

1st Question & Answer Meeting 14

Public Questions 1 Madras
January 01, 1985

What is a problem? Q1: How can I get at what you are saying without any stress, strain or effort? Q2: What is myself and what is its relation to the cosmos? Q3: Is not psychological time a fact? Note: a total of 1 minute and 29 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.


Public Questions 2

2nd Question & Answer Meeting 14

Public Questions 2 Madras
January 03, 1985

Q1: You have shown that thought is limited, but what other instrument of inquiry is available? Q2: Silence is the pivotal point in all your teachings for the transformation of man. Please teach us the practical steps to achieve this transformation. Q3: Can humanity survive without a universal code of morality which is true for all times and in all climates?


Public Talk 2

Can thought give human beings security?

Public Talk 2 Madras
January 04, 1985

Is the rest of humanity separate from us? Does thought create division? What is the origin of thinking? Can one live a life without a single problem? Can a conditioned brain solve problems? Are feelings, emotions and sentimentality also part of thought? Is there duality at all, or only facts? Can my brain deal with the fact of what I am and not what I should be? Is time a factor of fear? Is it possible to stop thought and time? Will you give complete, passionate attention or just listen and carry on with your fears? Note: a total of 14 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.


Public Talk 3

The shallowness of a life without passion

Public Talk 3 Madras
January 05, 1985

Can the brain be free of conflict? Can the brain be healthy, rational and sane? Without self-interest can one live in the world? To inquire into beauty one must understand why human beings are absorbed by things. When you are absorbed what takes place? Can you be free of the self without being absorbed by anything? Do we function only with one or two senses or with all our senses fully alive? Can the sorrow in the world end? If I end my sorrow what effect has that on the rest of the world? Will the world change because I have changed? When you suffer is it self-pity? Do you know what passion is? Note: a total of 8 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.


Public Talk 4

Death is not at the far end of life

Public Talk 4 Madras
January 06, 1985

What do death, love, religion and meditation mean? What is it that lives if I die? At death will my consciousness die or continue? Have you ever ended something voluntarily? Can you live with death while living, ending your experience every day? Is love the remembrance you have gathered or is it entirely different from memory and desire? How will you find out what love is? Is your consciousness different from another's? Will the accumulation of psychological knowledge bring about a great state of sacredness?


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