That benediction is where you are

Public Talk 1

What is our brain?

Public Talk 1 Bombay
February 02, 1985

Corruption begins where there is self-interest. We have not exercised our brain, which is so extraordinarily capable, and we have expended our energy, our capacities in one direction only, that is the technological world, but we have never understood human behaviour. Why are we as we are after this long period of evolution? Why do we have conflict? Who has created division, not only externally but inwardly? Is there is any justice at all in the world? Who has created this extraordinarily complex society? Violence can end completely in the human mind and heart only when there is no opposite. What is thinking and why has it become so extraordinarily important? Can you live without a single image between you and another? To understand problems and totally resolve them the brain must be free. Note: a total of 5 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.


Public Talk 2

Thought and time are always together

Public Talk 2 Bombay
February 03, 1985

In the search of security we never inquire into what insecurity is. The universe and earth are filled with sound, and we seek silence. If you understand sound, in hearing the sound there is silence. Silence is not separate from sound. What is a holistic way of life? What is time? If the human brain doesn’t change now, instantly, the future will be what you are, what you have been. Is it possible to radically, fundamentally change now, not in the future? Thought and time are together always, they are not two separate movements but one constant movement. If there were no word, as the word ‘fear’, would there be fear? What is the cause of fear?


Public Questions 1

1st Question & Answer Meeting 15

Public Questions 1 Bombay
February 05, 1985

Q1: In spite of all my love, care and attention, I don’t know where I lack in bringing up my daughter. Can you throw some light on the best way of educating a child? Q2: Why is it that we are not able to sustain attention for more than a couple of minutes? Question: Is it possible to know yourself when you are not related to anybody? Q3: Does suffering and enjoyment have any bearing on the previous life and deeds of present life? Q4: Is it possible to be aware with all your senses – eyes, ears, brain and so on – simultaneously? Q5: I don’t follow any doctrines and commandments of divine souls, so I fear they may do something wrong to me. I always feel uneasy and live in a fearing condition. Please guide and advise me. Note: a total of 1 minute and 21 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.


Public Questions 2

2nd Question & Answer Meeting 15

Public Questions 2 Bombay
February 07, 1985

Q1: You often tell us to exercise our brain. Also you suggest to merely listen without acting upon what we have listened to. These two statements appear contradictory. Kindly explain. Q: What is truth and the false? Q2: Since you say that there is no such thing as God and you also condemn idol worship, then the question of how we are born and how nature came into existence comes into the picture. Kindly explain. Q3: What is the mind? Is it ever possible for it to look at itself without the perceiver? It doesn’t seem to be so simple as looking at a flower from no centre. Q4: For the understanding of human problems such as fear, loneliness and sorrow, your statement ‘The observer is the observed’ seems to be all important. However, the logic of that statement doesn’t seem to go beyond the intellectual level. Why is it that certain facts remain mere concepts? Note: a total of 8 minutes and 13 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.


Public Talk 3

Sorrow is part of our self-centred activity

Public Talk 3 Bombay
February 09, 1985

Is it possible to find out when our brain is confused, disorderly? Do you not share the sorrow of the rest of humanity? When you realise that you are the entire humanity, that is what love is. You will not kill another, you will not harm another. You move away from all aggression, violence and the brutality of religions. Our consciousness is shared, is one with all humanity. See the beauty of it, the immensity of it. Why is man perpetually seeking pleasure? What is the origin, the beginning of desire? What is discipline? Can there be an end to sorrow? Note: a total of 50 seconds of missing video is replaced by audio only.


Public Talk 4

Is there a meditation that is not brought about by thought?

Public Talk 4 Bombay
February 10, 1985

Are we wasting our life? Why has the brain separated living and death? The self, the ‘me’, the ego, the persona, is a bundle of complicated ancient and modern memories. Is there a holistic way of living in which there is living and dying all the time taking place? Love is not put together by thought, therefore it is not within the structure of the brain. The brain is an instrument of sensation and nervous responses, and love cannot exist where there is mere sensation. Memory is not love. What is religion? Is there something beyond all time and thought? Is there a meditation that is not put together by desire, will or effort? When you listen to sound, the very listening is the silence. Silence and sound are not separate. That benediction is where you are.


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