Washington Talks

Public Talk 1

In the present is the whole of time

Public Talk 1 Washington, Washington DC
April 20, 1985

Why are we, after this long evolution, perpetually in conflict? Being absorbed in a poem, a face, is that beauty? Why has humanity, each one of us, accepted fear as a way of life? Can there be total mutation now, in all our behaviour, way of living, thinking and feeling? If you had no memory at all, could you think? Memory arises from knowledge and experience. Is experience different from the experiencer? If there is no experiencer, is there experience?


Public Talk 2

At the end of sorrow is passion

Public Talk 2 Washington, Washington DC
April 21, 1985

What is order and disorder, and what is their relationship to action? Can disorder end in our daily life? Concerned as we are with our own suffering, how can there be love? Is sorrow brought about by self-pity? What happens after death? Does one carry the memories of one's own life? If we don't cling to a thing, then what is death? Not at the end of life but with all my energy, vitality, can I live with death all the time? If there is real order in one's life, what then is meditation? Following a system, practising day after day, what happens to the human brain? Is there a meditation which is not determined? Through one's own understanding of oneself, there is that which is eternal.


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