Is creation related to ending?

Public Talk 1

Why is our house in disorder?

Public Talk 1 Ojai, California
May 11, 1985

War is the greatest disorder. Is order brought about by ideologies? After all the religious admonitions saying, ‘Don’t kill; the other is yourself,’ why is it still going on? Doubt is essential because that clears the brain so that one can see clearly. Is it possible to bring about order in our lives? Why have we human beings lived with disorder? There must be conflict as long as there is division. Why do we choose? Can one live without a single ideal or authority, so that one lives in great order – now, not tomorrow?


Public Talk 2

A crisis in our consciousness

Public Talk 2 Ojai, California
May 12, 1985

Why do human beings have a sense of guilt? We are the past, whether that past be one day or many thousands of years. Can there be a total mutation in consciousness? Does thinking rely on memory? Thought can imagine the limitless, but it’s still limited. Whatever the activity of thought, its action must always be limited. Therefore thought is not holistic. Thought and the thinker are one, and therefore they are always limited. Is there something beyond thought? What is desire? Can there be an interval between a sensation and thought then giving it a shape or image?


Public Questions 1

1st Question & Answer Meeting 16

Public Questions 1 Ojai, California
May 14, 1985

Q1: Can you explore further into the mechanism of guilt and its relation to the ego? Q2: Do racial physical differences affect conditioning? Q3: How do you live, sir, regarding income? Q4: Why do you say there is no psychological evolution? Q5: To live peacefully needs great intelligence. Q6: What is it that all of us desire?


Public Questions 2

2nd Question & Answer Meeting 16

Public Questions 2 Ojai, California
May 16, 1985

What are the barriers that prevent us from understanding ourselves? Q1: What is the difference between shyness and fear? Q2: Are we struggling against our basic nature in seeking to change? Q3: Is there some essential religious instinct in all human beings? Q4: What is the basic obstacle preventing observation and insight? Q5: What is our responsibility to ourselves and others?


Public Talk 3

Creation is never ending

Public Talk 3 Ojai, California
May 18, 1985

The real meaning of the highest form of yoga was to have a very deeply orderly, moral, ethical life, not just merely taking various postures. Is not beauty something that takes place when you are not? Pleasure goes with fear; it’s the other side of the coin. We admire, extol and idolise power, whether spiritual power of the religious hierarchy, the power of a politician or the power of money. To the speaker, power is evil. Success is utter mediocrity. Is there an end to sorrow? Love has nothing to do with any organisation or person. There is no path to love or truth - one has to live it.


Public Talk 4

The ending of continuity

Public Talk 4 Ojai, California
May 19, 1985

Thinking is based on experience, and experience is always limited, therefore knowledge is always limited, now or in the future or in the past. Our memories are limited, because they’re based on knowledge and experience. Where there is limitation there must be conflict. Can there ever be complete, unbroken freedom? The psychological division in each one of us may be one of the major causes of disorder. What does death mean? Is creation related to ending? Is there an ending to one’s deep memories? Is there an ending to attachment? Can you live with death all day long? What is true, actual religion, not the religion invented by thought? Deliberate meditation is like any other form of achievement.


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