Without beauty and love there is no truth

Public Talk 1

Why does man live in conflict?

Public Talk 1 Saanen
July 07, 1985

Let’s talk things over together like two friends. What is the cause of conflict? Is there such a difference in oneself as the analyser and the analysed? When one realises deeply that we are mankind, conflict with another ceases because you are like me. Do we ever stop accumulating?


Public Talk 2

To be utterly free of disorder

Public Talk 2 Saanen
July 10, 1985

Who is responsible for what is taking place outwardly in the world, but also inwardly in all of us? What is order and what is disorder? As long as we live in disorder psychologically, subjectively, inwardly, whatever we do will create disorder. When you are trying to become non-violent you are all the time sowing the seeds of violence. If love is born out of hate then it is not love. Can thought bring about order? Time Can ‘what is’, the past, completely end?


Public Talk 3

Seeing self-interest as the root of fear

Public Talk 3 Saanen
July 14, 1985

Why have we such deep-rooted self-interest? Have you ever noticed that we build a fence round ourselves? Can you look at yourself without the word? Why do we put up with fear? To understand the very root of fear we must understand time. Is it possible to stop thinking? Our consciousness, our being, is the entire humanity.


Public Talk 4

Beauty is the quiet of the self forgotten

Public Talk 4 Saanen
July 17, 1985

Without beauty and love there is no truth. Is there beauty where there is self-conscious endeavour? Self-interest divides; self-interest is the greatest corruption. Is there an austerity that is not visible at all to another? Is desire something separate from sensation? Does sorrow exist as long as there is self-interest?


Public Talk 5

Silence as the ground of the eternal

Public Talk 5 Saanen
July 21, 1985

Is it possible for a human being to bring about a total psychological revolution in oneself? Is love put together by thought? Passion can only exist when suffering ends. As long as there is self-interest, which is the wheel of time, then there must be death. Living and dying are always together. The word is not the truth. The symbol is not the truth. The person is not the truth. Therefore there is no personal worship. Is there a meditation which has no direction, which is not conscious, deliberate?


Public Questions 1

1st Question & Answer Meeting 17

Public Questions 1 Saanen
July 23, 1985

Why do you come to these meetings? Q1: Various teachers, gurus say that essentially they are giving the same teaching as you. What do you say? Q2: What is guilt? Q3: What do you mean by creation?


Public Questions 2

2nd Question & Answer Meeting 17

Public Questions 2 Saanen
July 24, 1985

What is our responsibility? Q1: When one understands something must one act on this understanding or does the understanding act of itself? Q2: You have said many things about violence. Would you allow one of your friends to be attacked in front of you? Q3: What is intelligence? Q4: Is there any benefit to the human being in physical illness? Q5: Why do you differentiate between the brain and the mind?


Public Questions 3

3rd Question & Answer Meeting 6

Public Questions 3 Saanen
July 25, 1985

What is the greatest art? Is it the art of listening, the art of seeing and the art of learning? Q1: I see that thought is responsible for my confusion. Yet in going into it, more thought is generated and there is no end to it. Please comment. Q2: Please speak further about time and death. Q3: Is it not violence and corruption to have physical security while others are starving? Q4: How can our limited brain grasp the unlimited, which is beauty, love and truth? What is the ground of compassion and intelligence and can it really be upon each one of us?


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