As long as there is a meditator, there is no meditation

Public Talk 1

Whatever you think, you are

Public Talk 1 Rajghat
November 18, 1985

What is our relationship to nature and what is our relationship with each other? Self-interest is the dominant note in our life. What is thinking? Can the brain ever be free of problems to solve problems? Knowledge comes when there is experience. Can we be utterly selfless? Life may not have security. Life is meant to be lived, not to create problems and then try to solve them, not to have sorrow, pain. It is meant to be lived, and it will die.


Public Talk 2

All time is contained now

Public Talk 2 Rajghat
November 19, 1985

What is beauty ? What happens to you at that moment when you look at the grandeur, the majesty of those mountains – what do you feel? Do you for the moment, or for a few minutes, exist at all? The division in the world. What is desire, and why does it dominate us? Can sensation not be caught by thought? When there is time in between sensation and thought, an interval, you’ll understand the nature of desire. What is the source of fear? All time – the past, the present, the future – is contained now. Do you see the importance that if there is no mutation now, today, you’ll be exactly the same tomorrow?


Public Discussion 0

Why do we divide the spiritual and the mundane?

Public Discussion 0 Rajghat
November 21, 1985

Why do you separate life, daily living, from your ideas of the spiritual? Why are you conditioned? Why do you accept this? We create an image about another, depending on our temperament, depending on our knowledge, depending on our illusions, depending on our fantasies. What do you mean by ‘related’? ‘I am related to him’ - what does that mean? Why do we divide the spiritual and the mundane? If you put a question to the speaker, the question itself has vitality, energy, not the answer, because the answer is in the question. Q: The various centres of Krishnamurti Foundation India constantly and continuously say that they are the centre of K’s teaching. So now when we have Buddhist teaching, Christ's teaching and Krishnamurti teaching, are these so-called teachings of K going to meet the same fate those of Buddha and Christ?


Public Talk 3

As long as there is a meditator, there is no meditation

Public Talk 3 Rajghat
November 22, 1985

Is there another kind of learning which is not merely memorising? Why do we make such an immense effort to do anything? Can love exist where there is sorrow? Everyone on this earth, from the poorest to the richest, from the most powerful to the least powerful, suffers. Suffering is not yours, because everybody around you suffers. Why are we so frightened of death? Why can’t I be free of my attachment, now? Religion has nothing whatsoever to do with rituals, with symbols. As long as there is a meditator, there is no meditation.


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