Can a conditioned mind totally change?

Public Talk 2

Responding totally to the demands of life

Public Talk 2 New Delhi
December 13, 1970

What is an action that can respond totally to every demand and remain non-contradictory and whole? Can thought, the intellectual process of reasoning, bring about a harmonious life? What happens if you remain with sorrow without running away or any outward or inward movement? What is the quality of the mind that sees that thought perpetuates fear and pleasure? There is an action which comes when the mind is completely empty of any unnecessary movement of thought. Questions from the audience followed the talk


Public Talk 3

To understand death one must understand time and love

Public Talk 3 New Delhi
December 17, 1970

The traditional approach to change involves time. Can there be understanding through time? Perception involves a mind not caught in the bondage of time. What prevents the mind from having immense space? Can there be action without will? What is love? What is death of which we are frightened? You are frightened of the ending of your memories. Love has no time. Questions from the audience followed the talk


Public Talk 4

A religious mind finds what beauty is

Public Talk 4 New Delhi
December 20, 1970

A seeking mind will never find the truth. Our conditioning is to seek. The religious mind is free from all practice, systems and organised thought. Most religions deny beauty. A religious mind knows the movement of virtue and discipline. Learning all about disorder, observing it, is order and discipline. A mind that obeys, conforms and compares is not a religious mind. Questions from the audience followed the talk


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