To learn about oneself one has to learn anew each minute

Public Talk 1

To perceive ‘what is’ is the basis of truth

Public Talk 1 Bombay
February 07, 1971

Where there is division there must be conflict. A mind in conflict must inevitably be distorted and therefore it cannot possibly see clearly what is truth. We need a total change, a deep revolution, psychological revolution, the inward revolution, without which you cannot possibly create a new society. Is it possible to observe, to perceive without the observer? How are images formed? Can the image-building come to an end? Knowledge is absolutely necessary. Is it possible that knowledge, which the brain has accumulated through centuries, does not interfere with relationship?


Public Talk 2

Direct perception is freedom

Public Talk 2 Bombay
February 10, 1971

Can the mind living in this world ever be free, not only superficially but profoundly, at the very root of its existence? ‘Freedom from’ is an abstraction, but freedom in observing ‘what is’ and going beyond it is actual freedom. How do I observe greed? Do I observe it as an outsider looking in or do I observe it without the observer? Without the mind being free you cannot live in order. Q: Three years have passed; I have no energy to be aware of my reactions. Q: Can we seek God through observation?


Public Talk 3

Love is that quality of mind in which there is no division

Public Talk 3 Bombay
February 14, 1971

To live in this world with intelligence, in spite of all the complications. Is it possible to be free of fear, not only the superficial fear in relationship but the deep-rooted fear? Thought nourishes, sustains and gives continuity to fear and pleasure. When you are learning, your mind is awake. Truth isn’t second-hand; you can’t get it through a guru, a book, you have to learn about it. The beauty of learning is that you don’t know what truth is. What is love? A man who has not love in his heart, but the things made by thought, will make a monstrous world, will construct a society that is totally immoral. To find out, you must undo everything that you have done. What does it mean to die?


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