The state of not-knowing is intelligence

Dialogue 1

The role of the teacher

Dialogue 1 Malibu, California
March 26, 1971

Q: There is much talk of a spiritual revolution among young people. Do you see in this very mixed phenomenon any hope of a new flowering for civilisation or possibility of growth? One can go into oneself at tremendous depths and find out everything. To go into oneself is the problem. Not being able to do it we ask for help. If there were no books, no gurus, what would you do? Q: You speak against effort, but doesn’t the growth and well-being of all sides of man demand something like hard work of one sort or another? Why is there this cult of effort? Why have I to make effort to reach God, enlightenment or truth? Why do we divide energy at all? The observer only comes into being when wanting to change ‘what is’. The state of not-knowing is intelligence.


Dialogue 2

Inner space

Dialogue 2 Malibu, California
March 26, 1971

Is it possible to be free of the centre, so that the centre doesn’t create space around itself and build a wall? Can the centre be still or fade away? Can consciousness empty itself of its content? Is love within the field of consciousness? If you don’t form an image now, the past images have no place. Q: Are there environments which can be conducive to liberation? The company of the good doesn’t teach me what is good and what is false or true. I have to see it.


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