Meditation is the transformation of the mind

Public Talk 1

Freedom is necessary to investigate into oneself

Public Talk 1 San Francisco, California
March 20, 1975

Freedom implies that one can inquire within oneself, to examine the whole structure of the human mind. It is necessary to be free to find out what is true and false for yourself, which no system, philosophy or guru can tell you. Can the mind look at itself, observe without any distortion? Who is the observer? To learn about oneself is to observe without the observer, to see without distortion, prejudice and fear. Questions from the audience followed the talk


Public Talk 2

What is the relationship of knowledge to transformation?

Public Talk 2 San Francisco, California
March 22, 1975

What place has thought in bringing about a totally different quality of mind and heart? Knowledge has its place, but it cannot bring about a psychological revolution. What will? What is the energy that will change man? Find out whether the mind can be free from fear. Fear in all its forms limits energy, confines it, darkens it. Is love pleasure? A mind that evokes pictures of pleasure, sexual or otherwise, is an unchaste mind. Is love memory? Questions from the audience followed the talk


Public Talk 3

Why have we not been able to resolve suffering?

Public Talk 3 San Francisco, California
March 23, 1975

In uncovering the structure and the nature of suffering, one must have a free, inquiring mind, not prejudiced or seeking an end. Is it possible to have a relationship with another not based on memory? What is hurt when somebody says something harsh? The immense suffering of the world has been going on throughout the ages. Can that mind be free of suffering? What is the significance and meaning of death? Questions from the audience followed the talk


Public Talk 4

The art of meditation

Public Talk 4 San Francisco, California
March 25, 1975

In meditation, one must understand the significance of thought, its value and its total irrelevancy in going beyond measurement. Meditation implies freedom from measurement and time. There is no control or discipline of thought in meditation because the one who disciplines is a fragment of thought. Don’t follow anybody, including the speaker, or any system because this will make your mind dull. Can the mind can be absolutely still? That which is still has great energy. Meditation is non-directive, with no operation of will.


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