What love is not

Public Talk 1

Is there a way out of the crisis in the world?

Public Talk 1 Saanen
July 08, 1979

Is there another kind of thinking which is not about something? When you give attention completely, is there a centre from which you attend? Can self-centred problems be solved without a different quality of thinking? When there is no tomorrow psychologically, what happens to the quality of your mind? Then what is your relationship to another? In thinking together, is there opposition? Where does thinking together lead in my relationship to another?


Public Talk 2

Can we together create a good society?

Public Talk 2 Saanen
July 10, 1979

When we think together, is there a sense of fulfilment, division or frustration? What happens to relationship? If there is no psychological time at all, what is relationship between people? Do you say, ‘I will love you tomorrow’? Will belief or authority bring us together? Is there security in separateness? When we think together, out of that a good society will be created. A good society can only come into being when you are responsible for another.


Public Talk 3

Is there security at all psychologically?

Public Talk 3 Saanen
July 12, 1979

Has the desire for security psychologically taken over physical demands? Is there security in a belief, ideal or experience? Can you listen so completely that you see the absurdity of living in illusion and end it? Can we stay with fact and have no relationship to non-fact? What is the quality of the mind that is facing what is happening? If you have no images, what is your relationship to the mind which is still seeking security? In thinking together, isn't there total security? When you put aside choice, is there insight into the whole of illusion?


Public Talk 4

Can goodness, love and truth be born of discipline?

Public Talk 4 Saanen
July 15, 1979

Can one act without effort, think clearly without the determination to think clearly, listen without effort and without an image? Between two people, each seeking fulfilment, with desires, ambitions, doesn't division exist and isn't there conflict? Has struggle for existence in the outer world slipped into the psychological world? Has thought invented the idea of the ‘me’ separate from ‘you’, and in this division hopes to find security? Can you observe the ‘me’ without the movement of thought?


Public Talk 5

Are desire and time responsible for fear?

Public Talk 5 Saanen
July 17, 1979

Do we have the urge to find a different way of living? Has thought created all problems? Has thought created the centre? Is the root of self-centred activity desire? Is desire born from the images thought creates? Can you observe without having desire come into being? Is time the movement of the image? When thought realizes it is the active principle in fear, what takes place? Having listened without analysis, are you free of fear?


Public Talk 6

Intelligence, love, and compassion

Public Talk 6 Saanen
July 19, 1979

Is there one insight that will bring total revolution in each of us, one perception that frees man completely from this psychological structure? Are the outer and inner indivisible, one structural movement of thought? In knowledge, is there ignorance? Intelligence is free from ignorance and so from illusion. It is not the result of knowledge. If there is an ideal, is action always conforming or adjusting to the ideal, which is lack of perception? With intelligence is there a state which can solve our innumerable conflicts and miseries?


Public Talk 7

In total silence the mind comes upon the eternal

Public Talk 7 Saanen
July 22, 1979

Why is there constant strife and seeking? Are we seeking superficial sensory experience or something timeless that thought has not touched at all? Can thought with its limitation inquire deeply? Is observation the instrument of thought? When one observes, does the thing being observed undergo change? Can the mind having understood desire know that its value is relative and be free to observe? Is there a way of living without any control? Is not the controller the movement of thought? When there is no conflict whatsoever, what takes place in the mind?


Public Discussion 1

Is there an action that doesn’t bring sorrow?

Public Discussion 1 Saanen
July 25, 1979

Q: What do we mean by action? Human beings are crippled both physically and psychologically. What is the action that will correct this? Our action is based on belief, dependence, sex, ambition, achievement, success. Is there an action so complete it does not leave a single shadow of pain or regret? I want to find out if there is an action which is really whole. Are you giving your life to it or just sitting on the river bank watching the waters go by, never entering the stream? What makes a dialogue worthwhile?


Public Discussion 2

Finding out what love is

Public Discussion 2 Saanen
July 26, 1979

Q: What is love and why don't we love? I must have affection, love, otherwise I can't communicate things which are very serious. I must listen with affection, care. Through the negation of what is not love you come to that which is love. Love is not desire, pleasure, possession, attachment or jealousy. Love is not me and my ambition or fulfilment. Everything that thought has created is not love. In the perception of that, intelligence is taking place, that quality of love, which is compassion – not as an idea but in one's heart, burning, alive. Compassion, love and intelligence go together. Without intelligence there is no compassion.


Public Discussion 3

Meditation is giving thought its right place

Public Discussion 3 Saanen
July 27, 1979

What is the relationship of thought to meditation and love? Thought has its own place. Thought is the process of thinking. Thinking is the movement of memory, experience and knowledge. Love is free from thought and independent from all chicanery, dishonesty, desires, sensations and sex. Where love is, the ‘me’ is not. There is a meditation which is totally undesired, completely free of thought. To find that meditation, one has to find out what is reality and what is truth. First you have to be good, and if you have no love in your heart your meditation will be destructive.


Public Discussion 4

What is the central issue of our life?

Public Discussion 4 Saanen
July 28, 1979

Q: What is our daily life and what is our relationship to all this? How is a human being to have clarity about politics, work, relationship with wife or husband, and to the world? How am I to be clear when I am so confused? Why is there uncertainty in relationships? Is it because we are conditioned, educated that way, or because each one is concerned only about himself? Can you observe your relationship with your husband or wife without the image or the remembrance of sex; just observe your relationship with another? There is a way of living in which there is no confusion when the mind is able to observe without direction or motive, just to observe.


Public Discussion 5

How can we bring about a good society?

Public Discussion 5 Saanen
July 29, 1979

Q: Can people think together? There is Western thinking and there is Eastern thinking. The world has been divided that way, but the source of the river is the same, which is only thinking. Thought is measurement. Thought, though it is necessary, is bound by time, the past, the present and the future. This process of thinking will never find that which is inexhaustible, immeasurable, timeless. We can only think together if we love each other. Do you love your children, husband, wife, or is it always you first and them second? Where there is division there will never be a good society. A good society can only come if you are good, which means you don't belong to any category of religion, knowledge or conclusion. Goodness born out of love can happen now. From that, a good society can be born.


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