Why does the mind live in time?

Public Talk 1

What is right action in this chaotic world?

Public Talk 1 Brockwood Park
August 30, 1980

Psychologically, we are the world. And the world is us, each one of us. Our responsibility is something global, not just for one's family, for one’s children; those are important, but we are responsible for the whole of mankind because we are mankind. Can one actually be free of all attachment? What will persuade you, what will make you, what will drive you, what will influence you to change? Thought by its very nature is fragmentary, and we, our struggle, the whole of our being, is the movement of thought. Technological, surgical, engineering, scientific knowledge is necessary, but the knowledge that has psychologically accumulated through millennia as human beings, is that necessary at all? Can this movement of thought end?


Public Talk 2

Can the brain transform itself?

Public Talk 2 Brockwood Park
August 31, 1980

Can the brain change itself completely? Doubt purges the mind. Desire has significance and vitality only when thought creates the image. Insight can only take place when knowledge has come to an end and there is merely pure observation, without any direction. Is it possible to live together without a single image? Can there be discontent by itself, or is it always associated with something? Can the mind be free of all comparison?


Public Talk 3

What is the relationship between the inner and outer confusion?

Public Talk 3 Brockwood Park
September 06, 1980

Why is there this inward disorder which naturally must express itself in outward disorder? Can there be absolute order? What is the cause of the division in us as well as in the world? Detachment is attachment. If I try to become detached I am attached to that detachment. When there is complete attention there is no confusion. When there is fear we become violent, we want to destroy in the name of god, in the name of religion, in the name of social revolution. If you realise that fear is you there is no movement to be made. Pleasure, love, suffering, fear are all entangled, all interrelated. You must have a mind that is capable of receiving the whole universe, and that is possible only when the mind is clear of confusion and fear.


Public Talk 4

Religion, death and meditation

Public Talk 4 Brockwood Park
September 07, 1980

There is no Eastern thinking or Western thinking, there is only thinking. Truth is not yours or mine. It has no path to it. A mind that is religious does not belong to any nationality, has no belief, but such a mind has exercised the quality of doubt so that it questions, doesn’t obey the edicts of any religion, sect or guru. We have banished religion from our life. We have banished death from our life. We have postponed it. Why do we banish the actual demand for truth? Why does the mind live in time? Because we allow time, the fact becomes important. If there is no time, it is resolved. Can you end your attachment instantly – your anger, your violence, your greed, end while living? Why should I take a certain position to meditate? Why should I practise – to arrive where? You cannot experience enlightenment. When the mind is absolutely silent, without any movement of thought, then perhaps you will see something; perhaps there is something sacred beyond all words.


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