Transforming society

Public Talk 1

Our relationships create society

Public Talk 1 Bombay
January 24, 1981

Why are we corrupt, lacking integrity, with no sense of cooperation? You are the entire humanity; there is no such thing as an individual or individual salvation. Society is an abstraction. Who has created the psychological structure? Why do human beings not change? Are we related to each other at all? Is there security in the image that you have built about yourself? Your image brings conflict with another.


Public Talk 2

Realising the nature of thought

Public Talk 2 Bombay
January 25, 1981

Thought created God, thought created and wars. When there is attachment is there love, or does attachment deny love? Each one wants their fulfilment, and so conflict is inevitable in relationship. Thought has created the social world and the psychological world. Computers can do everything thought can do. What becomes of you when machines can think and feel as you do? Can thought with its image-creation not interfere with sensation? Desire and imagination create the centre as the ‘me’.


Public Talk 3

Psychological time is dangerous

Public Talk 3 Bombay
January 31, 1981

Is it possible to awaken the brain so that it acts completely, wholly? Can you end violence immediately, not take time over it? Is there an action that doesn’t involve time? In becoming is all our problems: I must be better, be good, love more, or I am greedy. Man, not the computer, can be free from the known. As long as you have an image about yourself, you will be hurt.


Public Talk 5

What is the most fundamental question in life?

Public Talk 5 Bombay
February 07, 1981

What is oneself? What are you? Can you observe without judgement, condemnation and any form of thought interfering? Can you observe sorrow without any desire to run away? Love is not attachment. What is your life now? One of the great sorrows of life is to hear the truth and not do a thing because you are conditioned and afraid. What happens to you, who are the rest of humanity, when you die?


Public Talk 6

Meditation is the understanding and end of knowledge

Public Talk 6 Bombay
February 08, 1981

Thought is disorder and so cannot bring about order. Meditation is the ending of knowledge. Our consciousness is the custodian of knowledge. Religion is sceptical inquiry into the whole of our existence, which is our consciousness. Meditation can begin only with the ending of fear. Concentration is a form of resistance; attention is entirely different. When there is total attention, the brain becomes absolutely quiet and has a movement which is not of thought.


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