The way of meditation

Public Talk 1

What is the process of thinking?

Public Talk 1 New Delhi
October 31, 1981

What is the role of a human being living in this world? What is the operation, process and content of thinking? Our thinking is based on reward and punishment. Is the content of our consciousness brought about by thought? What is it that is hurt? In relationship can there be no conflict? The art of observation.


Public Talk 2

Can we be free of fear?

Public Talk 2 New Delhi
November 01, 1981

What is the quality of a mind that listens? The art of hearing, listening and learning. Desire is part of ambition. What is fear? Has fear to do with time, the future? Is thought the origin of fear? I am frightened because of thought, which is time. If I remain with this truth, what happens? Pleasure is remembrance.


Public Talk 3

Disorder, sorrow, death and love

Public Talk 3 New Delhi
November 07, 1981

Society is your particular relationship with another. Can we end disorder? Can we live a life without any competition? Is there an end to suffering? Is it possible to be free of sorrow? Can you end attachment completely, which is death? We have never acted with a brain that is functioning properly, wholly, holistically. You may have power and decorations, but without love your life has no meaning. Intelligence is connected with the holistic way of living, integrally, wholly; not a life that is broken up.


Public Talk 4

Meditation is the release of creative energy

Public Talk 4 New Delhi
November 08, 1981

Your discipline implies conflict, conforming to a pattern, an ideal or to the sacred books. How can a mind in disorder perceive complete, total order, as in the universe? Meditation is part of the understanding of beauty. Who is the controller who tries to control thought? Where there is silence, there is space. Silence has the extraordinary energy of the universe.


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