The shared consciousness of humanity

Public Talk 1

Bringing about peace requires great intelligence

Public Talk 1 New Delhi
November 06, 1983

Governments talk about peace, but there has never been peace in the world. The world is fragmented into nationalities geographically, linguistically, religiously; broken up into the business, spiritual, religious and non-sectarian worlds. Conflict ultimately is war. We have created society; the society then controls us. We blame the environment, education, governments, but we have made all this and are responsible for it. You can’t bring about order; you can only remove disorder. Remove confusion and there is clarity. In relationship, conflict is brought about by thought. Is there another instrument than thought?


Public Talk 2

Your consciousness is not separate from humanity’s

Public Talk 2 New Delhi
November 07, 1983

Why do you have ideals? Ideals separate people and bring about conflict. We are not analysing the content of consciousness but are observing. Is there an observation without the observer? The consciousness you think is yours is shared by all humanity. To realise that fact that you are not individual means a tremendous psychological change. To observe, we must understand the nature of thought and the nature of time. Thought and time are the two major factors in life. Are they separate? Can you live without a single image? Otherwise, you will be hurt and never have the beauty of humility.


Public Talk 3

Fear, thought and love

Public Talk 3 New Delhi
November 12, 1983

Thought can only imagine the illimitable, the timeless, the immeasurable. One of the major burdens of our consciousness is fear. Fear is part of violence. Thought projects into the future and that creates fear. Is it possible to stop thought and the continuity of a movement as time? How do you observe the fact that thought and time are the causation of fear? When there is freedom from fear, there is love. Thought is the creator of fear and the continuity of pleasure. Is love pleasure? Is love desire? Is love the instrument of thought? Love has intelligence.


Public Talk 4

Being with death while living

Public Talk 4 New Delhi
November 13, 1983

Can you look at sorrow, hold it as you would a precious jewel? Where there is sorrow, there cannot be love. To understand life and death, one must approach non-dualistically. Is it possible as we live to die to the things to which we are attached? Live with death so that you are a guest in this world. Is my consciousness mine at all? It is possible to live a life in which there is not a continual recording? How do you come upon that which is sacred?


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