What is real freedom?

Public Talk 1

Why are we in conflict?

Public Talk 1 San Francisco, California
May 05, 1984

What is real freedom? To observe and inquire into the psychological world requires passion. The major cause of external conflict is division. We are broken up, fragmented, thinking we are separate from each other. Can division end? Have you ever observed anything completely? We are conditioned, and our consciousness is the knowledge we have acquired. Thought is a material process; there is nothing sacred thought has created. Can the recording processes of the brain in relationship stop?


Public Talk 2

Fear, sorrow, death and meditation

Public Talk 2 San Francisco, California
May 06, 1984

Man has had a fear of living and dying for millennia. Time becomes the enemy of man if there is no radical change now. Thought-time is the root of fear. Is there psychological becoming at all? Hold sorrow as you hold something precious and look at it. Give all your being to live with sorrow. Can you voluntarily, easily, happily, without any causation end something which you hold most dear? Any form of deliberate meditative practice is like any other form of desire. Is there meditation which is not conscious or deliberate?


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